Why We Love Kensa Creative

scott clarke kensa creative
May 21, 2021

Back in 2020 we had a dream that toilets could be freed from the tyranny of nasty blockages, silly single use plastic bags and glue down the loo.  Every time we went to the supermarket during lockdown, we saw either a total lack of loo roll or a wall of single use plastic packaging…ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and Tanki was born!

Unfortunately, despite our engineering prowess, our first attempts at designing packaging looked like one of Margaret Thatcher´s election leaflets or a spoof created for Alan B´Astard.  Yes we are proud to manufacture in the UK, and yes we are proud to be creating local jobs….but we just couldn´t get the look…..we needed help, and goodness did it come in bucket loads!

Luckily for us a poor and lonely Managing Director, bereft of his flock of blisteringly creative designers who had been cast into home working answered a call from us and became our designer in chief!  Packaging was designed, a brand was created and a house style, which is unrivaled in its joy for all things boggy was born…..FAST!

Scott, the MD, weirdly turned down our offer of a free haircut in return for our Christmas present of a sparkly new website but has become a true friend of Tanki.  We will never be able to repay the Kensa Creative team, it is too big a debt; but we can say that there is a pool of creativity in the West Midlands that London needs to watch out for….we´re coming for you!

We have benefited from exceptional kindness, generosity and a belief in a product which not only solves a problem but saves money-none more so than the team at Kensa.  Thank you to everyone that has believed in us, and we hope to repay the love, trust and joy several times over.

We love you all at Tanki Towers x