Tanki Happy to Support the Stella Maris Centenary Rose

October 22, 2020

Initiated by Philip Eastell, founder of CSSS | Container Shipping Supporting Seafarers and supplied by World of Roses, the Stella Maris Centenary Rose has been launched to raise funds for seafarer support worldwide and mark the 100th anniversary of maritime charity Stella Maris

Martin Foley, CEO of Stella Maris said, “Stella Maris is very grateful to the World of Roses and CSSS for this wonderfully innovative initiative to raise valuable funds for our vital work in support of seafarers and their families.”

London, April 8th 2020 CSSS | Container Shipping Supporting Seafarers, an international non-profit industry volunteer group, is pleased to launch the “Stella Maris Centenary Rose” to help raise funds for maritime charity Stella Maris as it marks its 100th year supporting seafarers and fishers around the world.

Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) was founded in Glasgow in 1920 and is now best known internationally as the Stella Maris network, providing care to all seafarers regardless of nationality, race or faith. The network operates the single largest ship visiting system in the world, with more than 1,000 chaplains and volunteers in nearly 350 ports, visiting over 70,000 ships and reaching more than 1,000,000 seafarers annually.

An estimated 90% of world trade is transported by ship. Yet despite the many economic. societal and technological advances of recent years, the life of a modern seafarer can still be dangerous and lonely. Seafarers spend long periods of time away from home. They often work in difficult conditions, with little time ashore, limited dietary choices, access to exercise, education and other support for wellbeing, despite the best intent of many. They are physically separated from family and friends and may have few chances to contact loved ones over the phone, email or social media. Stella Maris aims to provide a ‘friend in every port’, offering practical, pastoral and emotional support, a listening ear and acting as a dependable, trusted friend in times of tragedy and crisis.

Formed in 2017 by a group of senior industry professionals active in the international container and maritime sectors, CSSS harnesses its volunteer members’ experience and contacts to implement practical projects that enhance seafarer wellbeing and to raise awareness and understanding of the many issues impacting the health, happiness and human rights of people working at sea.

CSSS maintains a broad dialogue with charities and other seafarer bodies, labour organisations, corporate industry, academia, media, trade associations, government agencies and regulators. The group does not handle any financial transactions itself, but instead works with corporate donors to coordinate and facilitate funding – monetary, material and in-kind – for specific projects that support the work of the many existing organisations worldwide engaged with seafarer welfare and wellbeing.

The Stella Maris Centenary Rose is the latest in a series of projects facilitated by CSSS that have also included securing funding towards the outdoor communal space at London Tilbury Seafarer Centre, sourcing a 2nd hand freight container for The Fishermen’s Mission to serve as a storage facility for a Scottish fishing community after an existing building was destroyed by fire and co-ordinating considerable funding for the MSSC “Coming Ashore” Project. The group is now working on other international projects related to seafarer education, nutrition, mental health and physical wellbeing.

“We were delighted to initiate the Stella Maris Centenary Rose project to support Stella Maris, one of the longest established maritime charities in the world,” said CSSS Founder and keen horticulturist Philip Eastell. “Without seafarers, world trade and supply chains as we know them today would cease to function. Many essential items, including food and medicines, as well as a vast array of consumer and industrial goods, would not get delivered where and when needed, if at all. We are very grateful to World of Roses who will be making a considerable contribution to Stella Maris for every rose sold.”

By purchasing the Stella Maris rose, Stella Maris can help make a difference to the lives of seafarers and their families around the world at this particularly difficult time.

The Stella Maris Centenary Rose is a gorgeous golden-yellow colour, producing beautiful clusters of highly fragrant blooms and attractive foliage from May right through to September. It’s ideal for beds, borders and tubs and will make a perfect addition to any garden, domestic or otherwise.

David White, Managing Director of the World of Roses said “ “Since being introduced to the work of the Apostleship of the Sea – Stella Maris and the incredible support they provide to seafarers worldwide, I was more than happy to help CSSS and their initiative to introduce a Charity Rose named “Stella Maris” , especially as the Apostle of the Sea celebrate their centenary in 2020. The World of Roses will also be giving a substantial contribution to the Apostleship of the Sea for every rose sold”.

Please help #SupportOurSeafarers as essential global workers and order your choice of Stella Maris Centenary Rose online from