Sod the Rods! Finally, a toilet tissue designed with the countryside in mind

October 22, 2020

Taking the “Septic” out of Tanks

The recent BBC documentary, “Inside the Factory” shows how enormous quantities of glue are incorporated into everyday toilet tissue. Not only is this an environmental headache, as these plastics-based glues cannot be filtered out and flush unavoidably into the water course, but they are also the main cause of toilet tissue clogging up pipes, forming a slow-moving sludge, inevitably leading to blocked drains and damaged treatment systems.

A UK based company has created a solution to the problem in the form of “Tanki”, a glue free and septic tank friendly product preventing blockages through the use of virgin raw materials and zero plastics.

Tanki® is an entirely new approach to toilet tissue, engineered specifically for non-conventional toilet systems. On board, below deck, on the road and off the grid, Tanki is the answer for sewage treatment plants. Made without glue and from sustainable products this tissue disperses immediately on submergence. Tanki then flows easily through any plumbing system and will not cause build up and blockage. Conventional toilet tissue is laminated with glues containing nanoplastics, causing it to clump as it becomes saturated.

Engineered by a group of entrepreneurs with long experience in the merchant shipping industry, public health and rural life, the tissue is indistinguishable from most high street brands, soft to the touch and strong, yet its unique glue-free binding composition makes it a revolutionary change for rural communities dealing with the everyday headache of backed up drains.

All sewage systems including;

  • package treatment systems
  • septic tanks
  • rural estates with delicate ancient plumbing
  • soak-aways
  • chemical toilets
  • macerating systems
  • general mains

… will benefit from Tanki’s unique, non-clogging composition.

In addition to its glue-free lamination, Tanki is created using virgin pulp sourced from verified sustainable and actively managed sources. Its supply chain and manufacturing facility is both BRC Grade A rated and recognised by the FSC. Tanki will be available for purchase from September through major rural suppliers or online direct from the manufacturer.