Did you know?

We flush 18,000 tonnes of glue down UK toilets every year...

which is equivalent to over

9000 shipping containers

That’s because the humble loo roll is made from a lot more than just two or three sheets of thin paper.


This isn’t good for the environment, wildlife, or our sewer systems.

An average
roll contains
2.7g of glue

Tanki is manufactured without the use of plastics, glues or fibres.

It’s designed to completely disperse during flushing and therefore prevent blockage. Even the packaging is made out of paper, but it’s still 2 ply and just a comfortable as your regular toilet roll.

Perfect for use in caravans, motorhomes, narrowboats & septic tanks.

So what are you waiting for?
Try Tanki, the award-winning, non-blocking loo roll thats plastic free!

Tanki Twin pack

Frequently asked questions

Is it Going to Cost me More?

No!  A lot of trendy/Eco loo rolls are charging customers up to £1 PER ROLL but we think that is about as bonkers as pouring glue down the loo.  We also think that importing toilet paper from China is a bit mad as well, so it’s all made here in Blighty.  Tanki works out at less than 50p per roll, and you haven’t even got to worry about carrying it home because we will send it to your door.

Why Does Loo Roll Contain Glue?

We have a funny idea of luxury…in fact when did you last fold or scrunch and thought WOW THAT WAS SO LUXURIOUS!?

Even so, many households demand anything up to FIVE layers of tissue to keep up with the Jones’s, sometimes impregnated with Aloe Vera, Jojoba (whatever one of those is), scent and even moisturiser…it might look, smell or feel slightly better but all of these layers and additives mean that the layers need gluing together which is no good for the environment or your pipework.

Also gluing the sheets together makes the manufacturing process faster and cheaper….but at Tanki we are happy to take our time and so our sheets are held together with just water and pressure!

Will my Finger Poke Through Tanki?

Tanki has been tested by a small army of farmers wives and has passed the pokey finger test.  When we set out to create a non blocking toilet paper, we quickly found that there are other ways to cure the problem than by making it thin.  Most people cannot tell the difference, making Tanki the ideal choice for use at home, at sea and on the road.


Why Virgin Pulp?

Recycled paper contains inks, glues and other contaminants that can leach into the marine environment; one of the worst being BPA which causes cancer and mutations.  Recycled paper is absolutely the very best product for anything BUT toilet paper.  Luckily we are FSC accredited and made in the UK so that we can keep an eye on the sustainability of our supply chain – Tanki is basically made from the bits the construction industry don’t want…so you could say its made from recycled houses!

Your Packaging is Plastic!!!

Nope…paper………………definitely paper.

We get lots of people getting in contact to complain that we use plastic packaging.  Watch our videos on Facebook, or even better make the switch to Tanki and you will see that there is no plastic.

See Matt demonstrate here: https://youtu.be/_EX-QQCXbLQ