Did you know?

We flush 22,000 tonnes of glue down UK toilets every year...

which is equivalent to over

9,000 shipping containers | 172 blue whales | 3,000,000 Chihuahuas

That’s because the humble loo roll is made from a lot more than just two or three sheets of thin paper.

Toilet paper is a heavily engineered product and can carry past life contamination (including BPA) when made with recycled content as well as lamination glue to feed our appetite for “luxury” loo roll….can you remember your most luxurious wipe…neither could we, so we removed it from the recipe!


An average 2 ply
roll contains
2.7g of glue

Tanki is manufactured without the use of plastics, glues or fibres.

It’s designed to completely disperse during flushing and therefore prevent blockage. Even the packaging is made out of paper, but it’s still 2 ply and just a comfortable as your regular toilet roll.

Perfect for use in caravans, motorhomes, narrowboats & septic tanks.

So what are you waiting for?
Try Tanki, the award-winning, non-blocking loo roll thats plastic free!

Tanki Twin pack