Practical Boat Owner Features Tanki

February 22, 2021

How using the wrong toilet roll could be blocking your heads, plus a holding tank air filter, professional grade scrubbing towels and more…

A blocked toilet onboard your boat is to be avoided at all costs and one of the worst culprits is the use of standard toilet paper that contains glue (even the recycled stuff apparently)!

One of the reasons conventional toilet paper is prone to block marine toilets and holding tanks is that most loo roll contains a plastic-based glue.

This is what causes the tendency for it to clump together in a pulp in the toilet pump, pipework or holding tank. It also results in an estimated 20,000 tonnes of glue being flushed down Britain’s toilets each year. And all that plastic will eventually escape to the environment.

UK company Tanki has won the Maritime UK 2020 Innovation Award for its solution to this problem: loo roll that’s made without glue, so it breaks up as soon as it’s submerged in water.

Unfortunately it can’t be made of recycled materials, as that’s when glue to bind the material together is particularly important, but Tanki is made from sustainably produced paper stock. The feel is indistinguishable from most conventional brands.