Not everything is going down the toilet in 2020

October 22, 2020

2020 may have become a four (figure) word for most people, but it has certainly been a catalyst for change. In the case of three entrepreneurial businessmen it was all the motivation they needed to turn a pet-peeve into a potential power product.

Who doesn’t loathe those little bins for toilet paper disposal where mains sewage isn’t up to the task? A horror of this issue started a research project that quickly revealed the economic and ecological damage being done by the seemingly innocuous; bog roll. Shortly afterwards, through a serendipitous set of skills and shared ethics, Tanki® toilet tissue was born. Tanki is only toilet tissue designed to disperse completely upon submergence, preventing blocked drains through sludge build up. Tanki toilet tissue contains no plastics-based adhesive, which means no glue down your loo.

From preventing the block up of the humble taverna toilet, to the challenges of health and hygiene aboard ship, Tanki can solve a global problem for ecological and economical safe waste disposal.

Matt O’Crowley, Sales Director at Tanki is a former ship’s officer in the merchant navy. He is also an experienced technical auditor in the maritime regulation sphere. He began Tanki’s journey searching for an engineering solution to the issues of practical and ethical waste disposal aboard ship. Matt will use his vast network of contacts to ensure the numerous business sectors from shipping to caravanning, landowners to event managers recognise the sea-change Tanki can deliver.

Simon Haydon, Operations Director is formerly of Public Heath England, before beginning his own consultancy for mental health wellness at work. A professional with many years working in the public health, mental wellbeing sectors, Simon took a keen interest in the situation of crew aboard ship. Simon joined forces with Matt bringing his expertise to bear on the problems of shipboard welfare. Simon will safeguard the compliance of the company, working closely with the forestry, factory and warehousing to facilitate the smooth running of the Tanki supply chain.

Together the pair plan for Tanki’s success to fund resilience training for merchant navy cadets as they commence their careers.

Mark Collins, Tanki’s Commercial Director is a senior C-suite operator of over twenty years’ experience. Predominantly IT focussed, Mark has collaborated on a wide variety of commercial and international infrastructure projects as well as managing change at major household name companies. Data and detail driven, Mark will maximise performance and profitability for the Tanki brand.

Tanki is created using virgin pulp sourced from verified sustainable and actively managed sources. Its supply chain and manufacturing facility is both BRC Grade A rated and recognised by the FSC.

Tanki will be available for purchase from September through larger chandleries or online direct from the manufacturer.