Introducing the world’s first non-clogging and plastics-free toilet tissue

September 6, 2020

‘There’s nothing new under the sun’, goes the saying and when it comes to toilet tissue, you may think with the arrival of ‘splinter-free’ rolls in 1935, toilet tissue had pretty much reached its peak.

The creators of Tanki® beg to differ.

Tanki is an entirely new approach to toilet tissue, engineered specifically for non-conventional toilet systems. Made without glue and from sustainable products, unlike conventional paper this tissue disperses immediately on submergence. Traditional brands of toilet tissue are laminated with glues containing nanoplastics, causing them to clump and block on becoming saturated. Tanki is laminated using a revolutionary water-based system, not only avoiding clogging problems, but crucially for the protection of marine habitats and our ecosystem, avoiding flushing thousands of additional tons of plastics into the ocean.

A roll of conventional toilet tissue contains, around 2.7g of glue, meaning the UK population alone flushes over 18,000 tons of plastic into the ocean every year just from the glue contained in loo roll.

Any non-mains sewage system from macerating toilets, to package treatment systems, to shipboard large-scale sewage tanks will be prevented from clogging by this new tissue. Its water-based lamination causes it to disperse immediately on submergence, flushing cleanly away without the production of clogging sludge in the system.

Tanki is created using virgin pulp sourced from verified sustainable and actively managed sources. Its supply chain and manufacturing facility is both BRC Grade A rated and recognised by the FSC.

Tanki will be available for purchase from September through larger chandleries or online direct from the manufacturer.