Fast Facts!!

October 27, 2020

Tanki® is the world’s first non-blocking, plastic free toilet roll

  • The US army used toilet tissue to camouflage their tanks during Operation Desert Storm
  • Conventional toilet roll is bonded with glue. There are approximately 2.7grams of glue in every roll of toilet tissue. Glue contains nanoplastics. These cannot be broken down during the sewage cleaning process and are therefore flushed into the seas, no matter the system
  • Attending the smallest room can be a risky business. An average 40,000 W.C. related accidents are recorded in the US every year. In this country both King Edmund 11, (1016) and King George 11 (1760) died in the toilet albeit under very different circumstances. Evelyn Waugh, Judy Garland and Elvis Presley are amongst the list of celebrity toilet deaths.
  • In 1935 ‘splinter-free’ toilet tissue was advertised for the first time
  • It is estimated that more than 18,000 tons of glue from toilet tissue is flushed away in the UK every year
  • Joseph Gayetty was the first person to package commercial toilet tissue. He embossed his name onto every sheet
  • It is a contravention of MARPOL (international maritime law) to flush any plastic into the seas from a ship, but unavoidable using conventional toilet tissue as the nanoplastics in the glue cannot be processed
  • The average person uses the toilet 2500 times per year
  • Non-mains toilets must use a small sewage or packet treatment plant following 2020 Regulations for Septic Tanks – General Binding Rules. These rules are designed to prevent leaching from septic tanks into the nation’s water courses. However, Packet Treatment Plants are expensive, complex and very susceptible to blockage. Tanki is designed to completely disperse during flushing and therefore prevent blockage
  • Macerating, caravanning, event and other non-standard toilets cannot use recycled toilet tissue as it is made from tough cellulose, which adds to the clogging issues caused by glue content. Tanki is made from ethically sourced soft cellulose ensuring a luxury soft tissue, which is strong, but decomposes on submergence.

Tanki is created using virgin pulp sourced from verified sustainable and actively managed sources. Its supply chain and manufacturing facility is both BRC Grade A rated and recognised by the FSC.

Tanki will be available for purchase from September 1 through larger chandleries or online direct from the manufacturer.