Our boffins came together to solve an engineering problem...and stumbled on a shocking environmental one!


The challenge was to produce a 2 ply superior quality paper that could be safely discharged into the sea and that did not coat pipes and tanks, attracting blockages.
Our team of engineers and problem solvers come from the paper manufacturing, aviation, manufacturing and maritime industries and were amazed to find one of the root causes of blockage is lamination glue, used to bind multi-ply toilet tissue together.

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A Universal Solution for Rural Homes, Maritime and Users of Cassette, Vacuum and Macerator Toilets

Nobody wants to use a toilet roll that is thin and weak, but millions of users need a product that will work well without causing blockages.  Tanki is not only perfect for septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and other tank based toilet systems but also provides an experience that does not compromise on quality.

Tanki reduces the need for “vanity flushes” where water is wasted to move one pesky sheet that just won’t disappear and is absolutely, 100% plastic free.


By removing lamination glue from the manufacturing process and carefully selecting the correct paper stock, Tanki is the best choice for toilet tissue that stays strong in the direction of use but breaks up easily.

Tanki was designed for:

If you are concerned about toilet blockages or are responsible for the discharge of waste, then Tanki is for you! Tanki is the solution for keeping toilet systems free flowing and blockage free.

If you’d like more information or trade prices then please get in touch. We’d be happy to hear from you.